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By signing your electronic signature on this form, you authorize O.I.S. Media, Inc. to charge the above credit card recurring payments associated with the membership services selected. Memberships and services are listed on our platform and can be found by clicking here. Credit card charge(s) will appear on your credit card statement as "O.I.S. Media, Inc." All memberships are recurring and will continue to be billed according to the selection made above. To make changes to the membership and/or recurring payments, Customer must submit a ticket to Billing using the Contact Us link from inside Customers account. Once the credit card on file has been charged, a refund will not be issued. A charge from O.I.S. Media, Inc. will appear on your credit card statement. Should the credit card decline the account will be deactivated. If a payment is returned/reversed for any reason, the customer will be charged a $45.00 returned payment fee. Any changes to membership terms require written notice no later than close of business (4:00 pm Central Standard Time), 3 business days prior to scheduled billing date and changes must be submitted through the ticketing system.

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