Med-Surg RN

Location: Ohio
Duration: Full Time
Job ID: 22460270
Category: Surgical RN Job
Company: Hyur Health
Contact: Heather McPherson
Job Updated: 09/13/20

Med-Surg RN - 22460270


We are looking for a Med Surg Registered Nurse to care for our patients and facilitate their speedy recovery. You will be responsible for educating them and their families on prevention and healthy habits. The ideal candidate will be a responsible and well-trained professional able to give the best nursing care with little supervision. You will be compassionate and cool-tempered. You will be able to follow health and safety guidelines faithfully and consistently. The goal is to promote patient’s well-being by providing high quality nursing care.



  • Days
  • Nights



  • $1,080 Weekly Per Diem (Non-Taxable)
  • $792 Weekly Taxable Rate
  • $1,800 Weekly Gross


Med Surg REGISTERED NURSE Responsibilities

  • Monitor patient’s condition and assess their needs to provide the best possible care and advice
  • Observe and interpret patient’s symptoms and communicate them to physicians
  • Collaborate with physicians and nurses to devise individualized care plans for patients
  • Perform routine procedures (blood pressure measurements, administering injections etc.) and fill in patients’ charts
  • Adjust and administer patient’s medication and provide treatments according to physician’s orders
  • Inspect the facilities and act to maintain excellent hygiene and safety (decontaminating equipment, sanitizing surfaces, preparing beds etc.)
  • Provide instant medical care in emergencies
  • Assist surgeons during operations
  • Foster a supportive and compassionate environment to care for patients and their families
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities by attending educational workshops, conferences etc.




Med Surg REGISTERED NURSE Minimum Requirements:

  • Ohio Nursing License
  • BLS
  • 1+ Year of Nursing Experience

You Can Expect Comprehensive Health Benefits!

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • 401k