Assistant Health Services Administrator (23122943)

Location: California-Los Angeles - Adelanto
Duration: Full Time
Job ID: 028012 (23122943)
Company: The GEO Group, Inc.
Contact: Michele Dobos    Call: 5618930101
Job Posted: 11/08/21

Assistant Health Services Administrator - 028012 (23122943)

 Salary - $105,000 to $115,000 per year


Supervises and evaluates the performance of nursing and clerical staff. Evaluates and provides comprehensive nursing care in a correctional setting while observing and maintaining the requirements of security.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintains a good working relationship with correctional personnel, nursing staff, contract providers, and outside provider agencies.
  • Utilizes established corporate and correctional policies and procedures in making decisions.
  • Responsible for staff scheduling and supervision including:
    • Assisting management in recruiting, orienting, supervising and evaluating the performance of nursing and clerical staff.
    • Directs the work of other nursing and clerical staff. This includes the selection, hiring, evaluating job performance, employee training/development, promoting and any disciplinary action, including termination
    • Staff Scheduling:
      • Ensures adequate coverage on all shifts.
      • Fills in as needed during periods of short staffing
      • Monitors call-ins and use of overtime.
    • Monitors staff compliance with facility policies and unit directives by counseling employees who violate policies established by the company or the facility, after consultation with management.
    • Ensures the proper flow of relevant information (policies, procedures, in-service, problems, etc.) to supervisor and supervised personnel.
    • Monitors and ensures strict staff compliance with all applicable pharmacy laws.
    • Organizes monthly in-service education. Ensures that staff receives in-service as required.
    • Arranges for staff participation in off-facility workshops for CEUs and current nursing practice.
    • Maintains current licensure on all staff requiring such licensure.
    • Organizes daily activities and ensures adequate staffing for these activities.
    • Maintains shift assignments.
    • Reports any staff problems to management on a regular basis.
  • Ensures adequate supplies and pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of the detainee/inmate population. Reports any over-usage, vendor problems, needs, recommendations and budgetary concerns to management.
  • Ensures that detainees/inmates arriving at the facility are adequately oriented to services available and procedure for obtaining medical services.
  • Ensures that all detainees/inmates assigned to work as medical orderlies are trained in the handling of contaminated waste and proper cleaning of contaminated surfaces. Monitors their compliance with instructions.
  • Performs random audits of medical records, logs, sharps, narcotic counts, outside referrals and sick call, etc. Counsel employees or provide in-service for noted errors.  All findings shall be submitted to the management for review and recommendations.
  • Participates in quality assurance activities. Makes recommendations for monitoring needs and plans activities for correcting deficiencies. Reports problem areas in writing to management.
  • Monitors the assignments, review of records, and care plans of the chronic disease clinics ensuring follow through per policies and procedures.
  • Reviews activities of infection control nurse and makes recommendations for containment of infections.
  • Assists management in monitoring environmental sanitation, safety and health related issues by performing inspections. Generates recommendations based on inspections and review of other inspections to management for further management dissemination.
  • Responds to informal grievances from inmates to management’s designee. Reports any grievance with potential liability to the management for his/her information and consideration of action.
  • Monitors care of serious medical conditions with the potential for life threatening or liability issues for appropriate follow-through.
  • Assumes on-call status for staff problems. Assumes on-call status in absence of direct management.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Two (2) years of work experience in healthcare administration or healthcare management in a supervisory capacity, including experience managing clinical staff and clinical operations.
  • Strong verbal and writing skills. Must be able to disseminate verbal instructions or training clearly and in a manner that is understood by the intended audience.  Must be able to write memorandums and reports in a clear, concise, and accurate manner.
  • Ability to work with computers and the necessary software.
  • Experience in healthcare planning, budgeting, and meeting contractual obligations.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration or a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Nursing.
  • Work experience in a correctional or detention setting in an administrative or supervisory capacity.
  • Experience working in an outpatient setting.

Equal Opportunity Employer