Assistant Director of Nursing (23658376)

Location: New Jersey - Princeton
Duration: Full Time
Job ID: 23658376
Company: Guardian Recovery Network
Contact: Courtney Gerhardt    Call: 8622090158
Job Salary:   $90,000 to $100,000
Job Posted: 06/27/22

Assistant Director of Nursing - 23658376

Princeton Detox and Recovery Center is a detox level of care in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. We offer 35 beds, mostly private rooms. We are looking for an experienced Assistant Director of Nursing to join our team.


The Assistant Director of Nursing is a vital member of the Detox and Emergency Care component of the System of Care. The Assistant Director of Nursing is under the supervision of the Director of Nursing and is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of clients as they go through the detox/residential process. The Assistant Director of Nursing is responsible for all Nursing related services for each client. The Assistant Director of Nursing is involved in ongoing monitoring and evaluation to assess, plan, implement and evaluates the delivery of client care. The Assistant Director of Nursing is also, involved in preserving and improving the quality and efficiency of client assessment and treatment care provided by GRN. The Assistant Director of Nursing for the development and evaluation of nursing unit personnel and maintains the optional medical aspects of the client care unit. The Assistant Director of Nursing is also accountable for meeting the Medicare standards of Nursing.


1. Participates in Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan meetings.

2. Stabilize client according to unit protocol.

3. Complete nursing assessments.

4. Chart in the Client Medical Record.

5. Monitor vital signs according to GRN, LLC’s policies and procedure, conduct client checks and observe monitor or assign tech to assist with the above.

6. Supervise shift nurses

7. Ensure that shifts are always covered.

8. Facilitate monthly staff trainings or as needed.

9. Attend and participate in daily Interdisciplinary Staff Meetings.

10. Communication with staff of all significant information, which includes but is not limited to client’s mental status, vital signs, medications and any medication changes and lab results.

11. Reports to Supervisor any administrative concerns.

12. Oversee Doctor’s Orders to pharmacy and assure that medication arrives.

13. Oversee all Medication Administration.

14. To be thoroughly familiar with personnel policies.

15. Interviewing, Hiring and Firing of Nursing

16. Review & approve time cards and PTO requests for Nursing Staff

17. Review and complete Performance Evaluations for nursing and Detox staff.

18. Complies with all GRN, LLC’s Policies and Procedures in accordance with State Licensing Standards and Joint Commission regulations.

19. Maintains required training and continuing education.

20. Maintains the Confidential Nature of all Client and Facility Activities.

21. Provide Medication Education to Client Population

22. Facilitates team interaction for discharge planning.

23. Collects and records data in a comprehensive, accurate and systemic manner.

24. Initiates and completes initial nursing assessment within 24 hours.

25. Evaluates the impact of therapeutic interventions upon the therapeutic milieu.

26. Knowledge of program policies and procedures.

27. Shares pertinent information with team as obtained from clients or family throughout program.

28. Collaborates with the medical staff to provide medical and nursing care.

29. Attends daily staff meeting.

30. Assists in formulating standards for client policies and procedures.

31. Promotes good public relations between program and nursing department.

32. Provides individual and group therapy.

33. Documents client progress/regress according to established policies and procedures.

34. Assesses client’s need to see a psychiatrist and medical doctor weekly.

35. Performs clinical nursing activities in a safe, professional manner.

36. Maintains compliance with established nursing care standards.

37. Supervises and instructs clients in medication self-administration, (the preparation and giving of injections) as ordered by doctor.

38. Obtains lab specimens as ordered by doctor

39. Assists client in obtaining medications from pharmacy.

40. Provides health education groups weekly.

41. Supports and assists with the orientation of new employees.

42. Communicates and deals effectively with clients, co-workers, medical staff and other healthcare providers.

43. Serves as resource in specialty to other team members.

44. Manages time effectively for proper balance between administrative unit responsibilities and other program requirements.

45. Assists in formulating standards of care for clients’ care.

46. Evaluates client care daily by assessing clients and reviewing nursing documentation.

47. Supervises all clinical nursing activities, assuring comfort and safety of the clients.

48. Ensures continuity of care through the use of fore sight in directing, controlling, planning and organizing client care.

49. Serves as client advocate, clinical resource person and role model for nursing personnel.

50. Communicates with family and health professionals concerning the care of clients.

51. Reports infection control incidents to Performance Improvement Team and Risk Management.

52. Implements and monitors Infection Control Team.

53. Protect the privacy of all client information in accordance with GRN, LLC’s privacy policies, procedures and practices, as required by federal and state law, and in accordance with general principle of professionalism as a health care provider. Failure to comply with GRN, LLC’s policies and procedures on client privacy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

54. May access protected health information (PHI) and other patent information only to the extent that is necessary to complete your job duties. The incumbent may only share such information with those who have a need to know specific client information you have in your possession to complete their job responsibilities related to treatment, payment or other GRN, LLC operations.

55. Expected to report, without the threat of retaliation, any concerns regarding GRN, LLC’s policies and procedures on client privacy and any observed practices in violation of the policy to their supervisor.

56. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • RN (Preferred)
  • Detox: 1 year (Preferred)
  • ADON: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Substance Use Disorder: 1 year (Preferred)