Registered Nurse jobs from MetaSense Inc

Our mission is simple – Get People Hired.
MetaSense, Inc.™ is a service-driven, an Inc 5000 award-winning talent & technology company located in West Berlin, NJ, with offices in Philadelphia, PA and Memphis, TN.
Relationship makes Sense - means better jobs.

With over 21 years in the business, we've established a huge network of clients around he county, an elite team of experts, and a reputation we've worked hard to maintain. we understand the changing needs of today’s healthcare industry in COVID 19 pandemic.  Our agency is experienced and dedicated to getting nurses working in the facilities that need them. It's why we're able to offer the best jobs in the business.

It is not just a skill match but it is culture match of healthcare professionals with rewarding positions, so both hospitals and our healthcare professionals can focus on what they do best—providing excellent patient care.

Core Values:

  • To sense and create excellence and efficiency in all that we do.
  • To sense and serve patients, professionals with honesty and respect.
  • To provide 360 degrees communications to all patients, clients, and employees.
  • To innovate, create and operate on scrum principles.
  • Be a human.
We work for you!
Tell us how can we help – and we will.

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Registered Nurse Jobs from MetaSense Inc