RN jobs from CampHire

RN Jobs from CampHire

CampHire is a recruitment partner of top-tier summer camps. We work with camps nationwide to fill their open roles. We have access to hundreds of jobs from Nurses to counselors and everything in between. Careers start with camp.


We know firsthand the power of the camp experience.
With many years at camp between us, we intuitively understand how counselors and staff enrich a camper’s life.


We credit camp with meaningful professional growth.
Camp provides resume-building opportunities in a supportive environment, making it a wonderful place to gain leadership experience and interpersonal skills.


We celebrate diverse backgrounds.
The foundation of camp is inclusiveness and belonging. We are committed to making camp a welcoming and safe place for all.


We believe all people should love their jobs (us, included!).
We know that working at camp can be fun, challenging, and rewarding, all at the same time. It’s the best a summer job has to offer.